Solaris tar issues, or other reason why margay fails 010_pg_basebackup?

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    Hi, I noticed that margay (Solaris) has started running more of the tests lately, but is failing in pg_basebaseup/010_pg_basebackup. It runs successfully on wrasse (in older branches, Solaris 11.3 is desupported in 17/master), and also on pollock (illumos, forked from common ancestor Solaris 10 while it was open source). Hmm, wrasse is using "/opt/csw/bin/gtar xf ..." and pollock is using "/usr/gnu/bin/tar xf ...", while margay is using "/usr/bin/tar xf ...". The tar command is indicating success (it's run by system_or_bail and it's not bailing), but the replica doesn't want to come up: pg_ctl: directory "/home/marcel/build-farm-15/buildroot/HEAD/" is not a database cluster directory" So one idea would be that our tar format is incompatible with Sun tar in some way that corrupts the output, or there is some still difference in the nesting of the directory structure it creates, or something like that. I wonder if this is already common knowledge in the repressed memories of this list, but I couldn't find anything specific. I'd be curious to know why exactly, if so (in terms of POSIX conformance etc, who is doing something wrong).